See you on our 23rd EDITION : 7 & 8 June 2024

The Lozère trail is a beautiful stroll to discover an unusual territory, proposed by the band of happy runners of the Salta Bartas club, in Chanac in the heart of Lozère (Southern France). They wanted to share their paths on the Causses, in the Lot Valley, in the Tarn Gorges, for their technical side, for the beauty of the landscapes, for the escape and the wild, and authentic experience they offer.

Addicted to the climbs that make their legs hurt, to running as fast as you can on the few flat parts they meet, and to the descents that make them want to let go of everything, they spend their whole year running around their territory with passion. For the Lozere Trail, they carefully choose the best wild trails, twirling between the bushes in the wide open spaces of the causses or clinging to the reliefs, without forgetting to offer you the ones strewn with the most beautiful rocks!

Always taking place on the weekend of Pentecost, May 27 and 28, 2023, this authentic trail offers 5 formats for a dive in the heart of a wild and authentic nature, on the most beautiful paths of the territory! A moment of sharing, discovery, pleasure of the eyes and surpassing yourself guaranteed!

Ultra Lozere Trail - 110km

A two stages race : 56km + 53km


Day 1 Saturday - 56km | 3500m

Starting 7am from Sainte Enimie
Finish line in Sainte Enimie

--- All inclusive bivouac overnight ---

Day 2 Sunday - 53 km | 2400m

Starting 6am from the bivouac spot

Finish line in Chanac


Registrations closed

SkyRace Gorges du Tarn - 25 km

A second edition with an improved route!


Saturday - 25km | 1900m

Starting 11.00am

Sainte Enimie (start & finish)


Registrations closed


Lozere trail 2 Rivers - 50km

From the Tarn Canyon to the Lot Valley


Sunday - 50km | 1900m

Starting 8am from Sainte Enimie

Finish line in Chanac


Registrations closed

Lozere Trail-  27km

The original Lozere Trail race!


Sunday - 27km | 1100 m

Starting 9am

Chanac (start & finish)


Registrations closed


SAlta Bartas - 13km

Perfect for a first race!


Sunday - 13km | 600 m

Starting 9.30am

Chanac (start & finish)

HIkes & Kids races

Fun for everyone!


Kids races - Saturday afternoon

From 3 to 16 years old | Free

Hikes - Sunday morning

9.45am | 10km or 20km courses


What is the Lozere Trail?

Numbers speak the best. Here are the 11 key figures that will definitely make you want to come and run the Lozère Trail.

  • More than 200 km of trails in the heart of a territory recognized by the Unesco World Heritage, divided into 4 formats, from 14km to 2 x 55km, adapted to all runners and to all desires.
  • 2 strong thighs, because in Lozère Trail, you spend most of your time going up and down. Sometimes, the hands help the thighs, but you shouldn't say it too loudly.
  • 1400 participants maximum, the size of our village, for an authentic and friendly trail above all, anchored in its territory.
  • 21 editions, 20 years (well 21, thank you Covid19) spent to refine, perfect, improve everything that will offer you a beautiful adventure of race in an uncommon territory.
  • 200, it is the number of beds which await you for the night in bivouac between the two days of the big format, the Ultra Lozère trail in two days. Fortunately, they are not all in the same tent.
  • 2 eyes wide open in the list of mandatory equipment, to admire all the grandiose landscapes of gorges and plateaus that will be offered to you.
  • More than 1/3 of local products on the refreshments, including 4 different cheeses of ewe and cows that you will cross while running!
  • 32 teeth by big smile of the hundred volunteers. Finally, we don't guarantee that all of them still have the count, the stones, it takes its toll.
  • 14 inhabitants per square kilometer, that's the density in Lozere, and it's a lot in the places you'll visit. You might as well say that during your race, you will spend a few hours without seeing much trace of human beings!
  • Less than 1 euro per km, we try to stay below this symbolic barrier!
  • 75%, it is the number of runners who declared to want to come back to Lozere after having run, to do the Lozere Trail again or for a nice vacation with family or friends! The others are liars.