2nd SkyRace Gorges du Tarn - 24 km - SaT. 18 maY 2024

25km / 1900m+

Race starts at 11.00am from Ste-Enimie (town center)

Finishing in Ste Enimie.

Limited to 350 runners


Fees :

35€/runner until 01 mars 2024 ; 40€ afterwards.

Including a glass of beer and a traditional meal after the finish of the race compris (meal served at the bivouac base, a few kilometres from the race finish line).


Withdrawal of race numbers

  • Friday (day before the race): 4.30pm to 8.00pm - Chanac village hall
  • Saturday (race day) : 9.00am to 10.30am - Ste Enimie village hall

 CAUTION - No registration for the Skyrace on race day.

The race registrations are complete.

Mandatory equipment

  • 1.0-litre water supply.
  • Enough food for the entire route.
  • Mobile phone.
External aid for athletes is allowed at aid stations as stated in ISF rules. Trash cans will be available at those aid stations for runners and external aid.

Poles are permitted on condition that the runner carries them with them throughout the race. It is forbidden to take your poles from one feed zone to another.

Skyrace Gorges du Tarn 2024, Skyrunner world Series race

After a great first edition in 2023 that delighted runners from all horizons, the SkyRace Gorges du Tarn has been selected by the organisers of the Skyrunner World Series to be the 4th stage of their prestigious and challenging circuit. Our race joins SkyRaces from all over the world and becomes the 3rd French race on the circuit.

This is fantastic recognition of the Massif Central's privileged position between the Alps and the Pyrenees, two cradles of the SkyRace format, but also of the technical nature of our trails, the challenge offered by our gradients and the beauty of our landscapes!


Why a skyrace in the Gorges du Tarn?

The Skyrace Gorges du Tarn has been awarded the SKYRUNNING label by the International Skyrunnning Federation (ISF).

At the time of its creation in 2023, there are only 4 races with this label. The Gorges du Tarn SkyRace has the fewest changes in altitude and the lowest summit, which is to be expected, given that it reflects the image of its mountain range, the Massif Central.

But it has nothing to envy its counterparts! Technical and varied terrains with many obstacles, repeated ascents and descents, phenomenal views... It's a unique race within the world of SkyRaces!

Why did we decide to do a SkyRace in the beautiful Gorges du Tarn? For lots of good reasons.

  • It's the first and only one of its kind in the Massif Central. We wanted to prove to you that this massif also has some pretty steep climbs and technical, aerial trails!
  • Because the young people in our organising team wanted a route that looked like what they like!
  • Because it's a way of giving you a taste of what Day 1 of the Ultra Lozère has to offer!
  • Because we like to show you that you can surpass yourself in difficulty, and this is a great opportunity to do so!

If you'd like to sign up for a more accessible race, opt for the 25km Lozère Trail - you won't be disappointed!

The first edition was hard on the participants' bodies. Will you dare to take on the second edition and its even tougher course?

A race that puts our county in the spotlight

You've probably already heard of the Gorges du Tarn and the Cévennes. It's an immersion in these wild, unspoilt territories, almost hostile to man, but which centuries of farmers have been able to tame to give it all the agropastoralism that characterises it today. Between steep gorges, rivers winding between ridges and cliffs, and plateaux with fantastic horizons. We really wanted to show you the mountains in a different way, but with just as much at stake in terms of sport and challenging yourself.

The Département de la Lozère is supporting us in this endeavour, enabling us to offer you a fantastic weekend.